CBS has finally revealed the 16 new contestants for the upcoming "Big Brother" season 19 that is set to be aired on June 28-29. All sixteen contestants will be competing for a $500,000 prize in the big brother house this summer. Apparently, the reality TV show has chosen good-looking casts having the most incredible professions. As the show returns on CBS, it is expected to debut a two-night premiere later next week.

Meanwhile, further details of the upcoming reality TV show will be kept a secret until the new season will be aired. Meanwhile, these 16 new contestants are both working for camera time and a money prize by clicking their photos and personal bio on the website.

Viewers are now encouraged to vote for their bets, and the contestant who will gain the highest vote will be proclaimed as the winner in their own right.

87 HD cameras

As the newest season of "Big Brother" returns on CBS, the production made sure to track all contestants' activities through a high-definition camera. The big brother house will be using 87 HD cameras this season. Meanwhile, there will be about 100 microphones that will be mounted inside the house. It is also expected that the reality TV show will feature different house guest in each week.

As the new season debuts next week, viewers will get the chance to enjoy of a two-hour premiere. Meanwhile, online live streaming services will also be made available. The official time slot of the show will be moved to Wednesday at 8 p.m.

on CBS. Further, eviction shows will be aired live every Thursday at 9 p.m., and Julie Chen will host it.

Incredible professions

"Big Brother" season 19 will have 16 new contestants who have different backgrounds. More than that, each of them has its own title and profession. Christmas Abbott, 35, is believed to be a fitness superstar who lives in the town of Virginia.

The show will also have a renovation consultant who is Matthew Clines, who happened to be in the same place of Abbott.

A government engineer from Alabama is also joining the reality TV show, and he is Dominique Cooper. Elena Davies, 26, who is a radio personality, is also among the new faces to watch out for. Another lady who will be one of the contestants is Jessica Graf, 26, and she is a VIP concierge in California.

Microbiologist Cameron Heard is also joining the show, and she is from Illinois. Another personal trainer is also joining the roster of fitness instructors, and he is Mark Jansen. All these names and a lot more will wow the audience as the show debuts very soon.

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