"Teen Mom 2" officially has a brand new star. Briana DeJesus has joined the cast for the upcoming Season 8 of the series, and fans are confused, but interested, to see why the franchise decided to add a fifth girl to the cast. While the news broke about Briana's casting months ago, MTV only just confirmed the new cast addition this week. Now, Briana is speaking out about returning to Reality TV, and what she says may surprise many fans.

Returning to TV was "nerve-racking" for DeJesus

According to People Magazine, Briana DeJesus appeared on MTV's "16 and Pregnant," and later "Teen Mom 3." However, the third installment of the spin-off show only lasted one season, but now she's back and headed to "Teen Mom 2." The reality star, who also appeared with her sister, Brittany, on VH1's "Family Therapy," says it was "nerve-racking" to return to MTV and join the other cast members on the show.

"none of this has hit me yet," DeJesus revealed during a "Teen Mom OG" after show this week.

Briana's relationship is in shambles

As many fans may remember, Briana DeJesus had a very rocky relationship with the father of her daughter, Nova. DeJesus' revealed that her ex-boyfriend, Devon, is still in their daughter's life, but that he is "not the best father he should be to Nova." Now, looking back Briana says she regrets all the fighting she did with Devon on camera, saying that her daughter is getting older and will be able to see all of that. While DeJesus says she was "naive" and "stupid" the first time around, she promises that she's learned from her mistakes this time.

A cheating bombshell changed everything

Currently, the new "Teen Mom 2" star is pregnant with her second child, and she has found herself in a sticky situation yet again. Briana DeJesus says that she is basically going it alone yet again, as she finds out that her baby's father, Luis, has been cheating on her throughout their relationship and pregnancy.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," she is seen telling her mother and sister in a brand new clip from the new season. Briana says that finding out the shocking cheating secret was "a rough time," as she found out when she was about six months pregnant. Briana gets a bit emotional as she reveals that she's basically repeating her past.

DeJesus is expecting her second child, a daughter whom she plans to name Stella, very soon, and MTV cameras will likely be rolling on all the drama as the former "Teen Mom 3" star gets acclimated back into the reality TV world.