On Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital" Lulu finally achieves the moment she has been waiting for. After months of battling back and forth with Valentin, Lulu comes out the winner. In a touching moment, Valentin tells their daughter Charlotte to go with her mother. This is the first time that he has ever referred to Mrs. Spencer/Falconeri as Charlotte's parent.

Valentin and Charlotte are on the run

When Lulu told Valentin that he was going to be arrested for selling the Chimera to Helena Cassadine decades ago, he panicked. As soon as Lulu went upstairs to get something for her son, Rocko, Valentin took Charlotte and ran.

Lulu called the little girl on her cell phone, but her husband Dante was unable to track the location. After talking to Valentin's estranged wife Nina, they have a clue where the pair might be headed.

Valentin had promised his daughter he would one day take her to Niagra Falls. Charlotte believes the two are on a vacation. Before they can get to the falls, there is a knock on the door where they are staying. Father and child seem surprised when Anna, Dante, and Lulu walk in. Valentin suddenly seems vulnerable and even cries. He hugs his little girl and asks her if she is comfortable with the Falconeri's and she replies yes. Mr. Cassadine then tells his daughter to go with her mother. And says he will see her as soon as possible.

Lulu and Dante obtain a fresh start

Lulu takes Charlotte by the hand and walks out the door with Dante following behind. They are preparing for a fresh start with Lulu's child. This is a bittersweet moment because Lulu knows that her daughter loves her father very much. Charlotte's Papa is the only constant parent the child has ever known.

The woman Charlotte referred to as her mother is MIA. Nina her stepmother has moved out of the home she shared with Charlotte and her dad. Lulu will be the third mother figure in the little girl's life.

The fate of Valentin Cassadine is uncertain because he may end up like all the other criminals in Port Charles. Mobsters Sonny Corinthos and Julian Jerome seem to always find a way to beat their prison sentences and return to their loved ones.

By handing Charlotte to Lulu and referring to her as the child's mother it seems as if Valentin is resigning himself to live without his beloved daughter. Dante and Lulu will love Charlotte and give her the stable home she deserves, including a little brother. Even so, the little girl will certainly miss her Papa. In spite of his criminal activity, Valentin truly adores Charlotte.