Brad Pitt is reportedly asking Angelina Jolie for a reunion with his kids in London. Pitt admits missing his kids, and he wanted to meet all his six children in Europe. Following his split with long-time partner Jolie, Pitt is not having the best time of his life being away from their children. A report from Hollywood Life revealed that the actor is pushing his former partner if he can see their kids while their stay in London.

Spend time with kids

To recall, Pitt spent a couple of hours with his children as they celebrated an advance Father's Day celebration.

After a couple of hours, the children left from Los Angeles airport and they went straight to Ethiopia together with Jolie. After learning that his children are in the UK, Pitt made his plans to be in Europe for the Glastonbury Festival and hopes to make time with them.

The 53-year old actor will do all things he can in order to see their six children whenever possible. Amid the split between Pitt and Jolie, the former couple now focuses their time and attention to their children. Despite the rough times that they had been through, they always see to it that they can create the positive environment for their children.

Pitt is known for having a busy schedule; however, he is also more than willing to be flexible with his schedule and does everything right just to make sure that he can spend time with his children.

Apparently, he simply missed all the time that they used to spend together prior to their divorce.

Moving on

Pitt has been focusing on his career lately. Despite being busy at work, his kids have been his utmost priority. A report from Hollywood Life also shared that Pitt has been moving on most positively. Just recently, he was also spotted on a romantic date with an Australian model, Elle Macpherson.

This goes to show that he must be ready to take the dating game again.

Apparently, it would not be an easy journey for Pitt who was once part of a power couple and to be a bachelor once again. However, his fans have been very happy seeing him doing well in both his life and career. While Pitt and Jolie are currently working on their divorce case, both try to make this difficult period of their lives as smooth as possible into the lives of their children.

Hence, no matter how their personal lives will go, all of their families and friends look forward to seeing them both happy and successful with their lives. Further, it is also good to know that Pitt and Jolie are doing very well as they co-parent their six children.