"Rick and Morty" season 3 seems to be facing a lot of potholes as it's air date and subsequent episodes have been delayed on several occasions. A few months ago, fans were getting worried that the animated series might be scrapped because the premiere date keeps on getting postponed. Thankfully, the series finale debuted its premiere episode for season 3, which greatly appeased the fans.

However, Adult Swim's animation is entangled in delayed issues once again as the fans are wondering when the next episode will be made available for viewing. Dan Harmon, one of the showrunners for the animated series, has finally broken his silence about the delays and took to Twitter to give the fans an explanation.

According to The Independent, Dan Harmon gave multiple reasons as to why "Rick And Morty" season 3 has been delayed. The long Twitter thread begins by Dan Harmon saying that he has taken an effort to address the issues and give the fans an explanation that they deserve because he feels bad for fans who are worrying about any show-threatening issues.

Showrunners regret for making the season take too long

Dan Harmon basically apologized to the fans, also on behalf of his other showrunner, Justin Roiland, for all the delays that the current season has been in. Harmon shared that he and Roiland only want nothing more than season 3 to be better and more entertaining than the previous seasons.

Harmon also addressed the rumors that he and Roiland are not in good terms which allegedly caused the episode delays.

Apparently, those rumors aren't true, and they are in good terms as they work on "Rick And Morty" season 3.

Overthinking at its best

Amid the long explanation that Dan Harmon posted on Twitter, one clear and concise message can be taken from the post, and that is how the showrunners have shamelessly taken their time to come up with a better season.

In a nutshell, Dan Harmon simply admitted that the reason for the delay was because the preparation for the third season took too long - from writing the scripts down to animation.

The Twitter post of Dan Harmon ended on a positive note by saying that he can't wait for the fans to see the rest of "Rick And Morty" season 3. Meanwhile, Adult Swim has announced that there will be a "Rick And Morty" live stream on June 29.

No further details were given as to what the live stream will be all about and the fans are already getting excited about it, hoping that it will have something to do with the next episodes.