"Big Brother 19" just premiered on Wednesday and the drama is in full swing. With Cody as the first Head of Household, the first two houseguests nominated for eviction were named. No surprise that Megan was put on the block, but Jillian was the one next to her.

After the show went off the air last night, the drama in the house only got worse. The "Big Brother" houseguests apparently have had issues with Megan. Rather than spending her time getting to know her fellow houseguests and form friendships, she has been caught being shady already. Megan was eavesdropping on conversations more than a few times.

Also, there is some controversy over a racist statement she made.

Was it really a racial remark?

Alex was talking to Cody by the pool. Megan was in the backyard with Jessica and saw the two talking. Megan encouraged Jessica to go get Cody from the panda. When Alex first heard that Megan had referred to her as a panda, she simply thought it was because she was wearing black and white. Other houseguests explained to her that it was referring to her ethnicity and pandas are from China. Alex is from Hawaii but does have some Chinese ancestry as well. Alex went to production and asked to see the tapes. They refused but assured her Jessica did not call her a panda but Megan did.

On the show last night, "Big Brother" fans saw Josh have a meltdown and call Megan out.

After talking with Steve, Josh did go back and try to smooth things over with Megan. By the end of the show, it looked like the two had formed a truce, but really it was only a break. Again, the two got into a heated argument. It was so intense that both wanted to self-evict. Production managed to get Josh to stay, but Megan left.

She knew she wouldn't survive the eviction this week. Cody named Alex as the replacement nominee to sit next to Jillian on the block.

Emotional meltdowns caused more drama

Josh and his emotional meltdowns are starting to weigh on the other houseguests. Paul and Christmas were discussing the situation, and Paul said he doesn't think he can take much more of it.

Josh keeps telling everyone what a good person he is and how he is getting his life together. This only makes them doubt him more. If he has to keep saying what a good person he is, why can't he show them?

The "Big Brother" houseguests have only been in for nine days. It looks like there won't be a shortage of drama this summer. With the number of meltdowns Josh has already had, fans can expect more. The stress of the game is more than some can handle and couple that with being away from family for the first time.