"Big Brother" fans are already starting to get excited for this summer's hit reality show. With the extra season last fall being streamed online, many fans did not tune in. This summer the show will air on CBS as it has for the past 18 seasons.

julie chen, the host of "Big Brother" took to Twitter in February to check in with fans. She posted a pic of Brittany and asked who was counting down. That sparked rumors and has some fans wondering if an All-Star season is coming. While it has been 12 seasons since this was done, fans shouldn't be hanging all their hopes on it.

Let's take a look at why.

What about an All-Star summer?

When it gets down to it, the ratings are what matters. The show is wildly popular and has a long history to look at how viewership flows. The show and network executives know from experience that the ratings are better with new faces on the show. While everyone has their favorites from previous seasons, fans like the new faces and getting to know new people. That is why the show made the commitment already to refrain from doing another season of returning houseguests only. They will bring no more than four of the fan faves back into the house and the rest will all be new to the game!

Recently Julie Chen spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the show.

She confirmed that they are indeed planning on casting the majority of the house with new faces. While Julie acknowledged the BB legends, she did say that giving fans who have never played before a chance to compete "keeps the game more pure".

But a superfan knows...

Over the course of the next weeks we can expect the rumors around casting to continue on social media.

One part of being a superfan is to know everything about the show. Fans won't forget anytime soon that back in season 7 a casting call was issued for houseguests but they ended up calling in the All-Stars. And superfans also know to expect the unexpected!

"Big Brother" signed for two more seasons at the end of last season. The long-running show will definitely be around through the summer of 2018 so fans can relax this summer and enjoy the show without having to wonder about the fate of next year.