Adele has been known for taking significant breaks in her career in the past, mostly because of health reasons or family-related issues. The fans have grown accustomed to her on and off hiatus, but recently, the "When We Were Young" singer may have dropped a major hint that she will be leaving her career for good.

According to INC, the 29-year old singer dropped a hint as she wrapped up her concert at Wembley Stadium in London. It looked like the announcement has been well thought of and not something spontaneous because the bittersweet news was actually embedded as a handwritten note in the concert program.

Touring is not for her

According to INC, Adele has explained that she has been going on tours purely for the fans, as she has felt several times that touring doesn't fit her. Understandably, the "Hello" singer has a 4-year old son, Angelo, who she's very fond of.

Of course, when she goes on tour, she can't spend quality time with her son, and that may be one of the reasons why the multi-awarded singer wants to halt her career. Her husband, Simon Konecki is also reportedly very supportive of Adele's decision to slow down from her career and spend more time with the family.

She further explained that she was more of a homebody and wanted her fans to know that she has only committed herself to go on a musical tour to make them feel the way she felt whenever she saw her favorite artists perform live in the past.

Put simply, Adele's decision to end her career might seem to be a big sacrifice on her part, but really, it's just one of the rare times when an artist chooses to achieve a work-life balance.

'Rolling In The Deep' singer not certain if she'll tour again

According to FOX News, the emotional, handwritten note that Adele wrote in her concert program stated that she is not sure when she'll be going on tour again, and she wants her possibly last concert to be at the place she considers home.

In all fairness to Adele, she has been basically touring for almost 15-months for her album "25."

Aside from several locations in Europe, Adele has also held concerts in the US, New Zealand, and Australia. Although the news of Adele's permanent hiatus has brought sadness to her fans, some have expressed their support to the singer's decision.

Most of them understood that being away from the family is Adele's biggest concern while she was on tour.

Although Adele might be a great performer, she has bravely chosen to prioritize her work-life balance. Adele will be performing three more shows in London, with the last tour scheduled on Sunday.

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