Millions of fans were shocked when it was first confirmed that 'Dance Moms' host Abby Lee Miller would have to face Jail Time after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud. However, it was announced Thursday, June 29, that her surrender date has been moved.

Host enjoys her last days in the outside world

Entertainment Tonight shared that Abby Lee Miller got other 13 days of freedom after her surrender date has been pushed back from June 30 to July 12 for a yet-to-be-revealed reason. With a year of federal sentence, the 'Dance Moms' host was initially scheduled to lay down her arms to the authorities on Friday.

To recall, most fans of the 50-year-old dance instructor were taken aback after Miller was sentenced to spend a total of 366 days in jail. Aside from that, Chief Judge Joy Flowers Conti of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has also obliged the Reign Dance Productions owner to serve a two-year probation and pay $40,000.

While Abby Miller is now ready to face the music, she confessed that she fears how her life will become after checking into prison. The veteran director has shared that she worries about the possibility of being raped or physically abused behind the bars. Additionally, Miller is aware that she would be taking a lot of adjustments when her prison term officially starts. According to the choreographer, she would have limitations on her diet and, of course, her day-to-day activities.

Even though the reality star first claimed that she will try to stay positive and happy about her sentencing, Abby Lee Miller declared that she is not ready to spend more than a year in prison. "I know I made some mistakes along the way, but I've pleaded to all those,” the host stated.

Is Miller having health problems?

Meanwhile, Deadline has shared the possible reasons behind Abby Lee Miller’s delayed jail time.

According to an unnamed source, the 'Dance Mom' host is currently having health issues, which might have caused the two-weeks postponement of her federal sentence. Up to this writing, lawyers of the director have not yet released any formal statement regarding that deferment. It was previously reported that Miller had been filming a reality-TV special about her heading to jail.

Rumors have it that a news journalist had conducted an interview with Abby Lee Miller, wherein the choreographer allegedly broke down. Stay tuned for more updates!