"Big Brother 19" has always had a motto of "Expect the unexpected" but the new temptation twist takes that to a whole new level. Last night fans got to meet the 16 "Big Brother" houseguests that will be playing the game for the next three months.

Tonight's episode of "Big Brother" was mostly taped in advance by the production team. Cameron being evicted as a consequence of Kevin anonymously accepting the temptation of $25,000 and Paul entering the house is a game changer.

A guest arrives to host the HOH

Nicole, winner of "Big Brother 18", showed up to host the first HOH competition.

The houseguests were divided into four teams of two women and two men and put into the Garden of Temptation. As a result of taking the $25,000, Steve is required to throw the Head Of Household competition.

The problem is, if he costs his team this competition, the entire team is eliminated. A tough decision was made for him, however, when his teammate, Josh, decided to go for personal safety for the week with a golden apple and eliminate the team. Josh then told Megan that he doesn't trust her and she is a snake.

The two winning teams had to select one houseguest to compete for HOH. Cody and Paul ended up going head to head in a competition to balance apples on a moving tree. Cody quickly figured it out and was crowned the first Head of Household of the season.

His team will be safe from the block but remember that Josh guaranteed he is too.

Cody isn't impressed with Paul and the fan-favorite may find himself in jeopardy this week. Once the houseguests were back inside after the competition, Josh cornered Megan again. While he was telling her she was a nice girl, he made it clear that he doesn't trust her.

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In an effort to break the tension, Paul borrowed chaps from the Rodeo clown who played the part of the bull that Paul rode. Cody made it clear in the Diary Room that he is not at all impressed with Paul or his social game. The new HOH has already mentioned the possibility of backdooring Paul if he gets the chance.

So who is on the block?

When the "Big Brother" houseguests gathered for the Nomination Ceremony, Cody had chosen Jillian and Megan for eviction. He told Megan that he simply didn't like her. He makes it clear to the viewers that Paul may still be in jeopardy if one of the ladies is removed from the block.

The close of the show tonight marked the beginning of the live feeds. "Big Brother 19" fans will have the opportunity to watch the houseguests on "Big Brother After Dark" beginning tonight as well. There are plenty of ways to get your "Big Brother" fix now that the season has started.