Tonight was the big premiere of "Big Brother 19," and the Fans already have their perfect showmance picked out. Bustle shared that fans love the idea of Mark and Christmas together. They are both into working out, single and look like a great fit. Now, fans just have to wait and see if they decide that a showmance between them is something they want to do.

Why does everyone think they should be together?

Mark actually admitted in the diary room that he is into Christmas, but he just started getting to know her. The one thing fans couldn't miss is that they both have muscles and obviously care about themselves.

Christmas made it clear that she is into working o but also doesn't want to end up getting a target on her back by showing off that she is going to win competitions.

Now another possibility is that Christmas and Mark could end up in showmances with someone else. It is obvious that others in the house have their eye on both of them. It wouldn't be unexpected at all if at least one of them ended up in a showmance and if it was together, the fans would be happy to see that happen.

Even Andy Herren thought that these two would be a great match. Look at what he had to say on Twitter.

Should they partner up in the house?

If Mark and Christmas were to work together, they would be huge competitors in the game.

They could win a ton of competitions, which would make it hard for anyone to vote them out. Even though they might not start a showmance, the idea of them working together as a team is a great one. These are both people that the fans are going to be watching on "Big Brother 19" this season.

Christmas could have ended up going home tonight, but that didn't happen.

Lucky for her, Christmas was able to get enough votes to stick around. She was really happy that she pulled it off and it shows that she was playing smart. She didn't want to do a competition that would put a target on her back and instead she was able to stick around without having to do that at all. Right now, Christmas has been able to keep that from happening to her.

What do you think of Mark and Christmas as a couple? Do you feel like these two are a great match? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Big Brother 19" on CBS. The live feeds will start airing on Friday and that is when fans will be able to see what is going on in the house and if Christmas and Mark might actually be hooking up or at least working together on the show.