Fresh "Big Brother 19" spoilers may have come out on Thursday (June 22) with a fan site revealing that a fan-favorite may already be in the "BB19" house. Did just correctly reveal that Paul Abrahamian is in the game this summer? That would certainly constitute as the most notable of The Big Brother 19 spoilers from this past week and there were a lot of them.

CBS revealed the "BB19" cast on Monday (June 19), setting the stage for 16 new houseguests to enter the game. Former houseguest Jeff Schroeder interviewed each of them on the live feeds, giving subscribers a chance to see them before they entered the "BB19" house.

Among the most popular, at least according to posts on social media, was Christmas Abbott.

When does "Big Brother" season 19 begin?

The season premiere of "Big Brother 19" is on June 28. It serves as a two-hour event on CBS, but most of the footage from that first episode is going to be pre-taped. The "BB19" cast is already in the house and the game has begun as well. This means that before CBS viewers even get to see the new houseguests for the first time, that there will already be a lot of events in the past. The first Head of Household competition may have already been completed and by the time the season premiere rolls around, they could already be ready for an eviction ceremony.

This gives a lot of additional time for more "Big Brother 19" spoilers to come out, especially if a 17th houseguest is going to make an appearance. Viewers will remember that when "big brother 18" started, 12 new houseguests entered the game before anyone else did. Then, producers staggered the entrances of four former houseguests, allowing Nicole Franzel, James Huling, Frank Eudy, and Da'Vonne Rogers to make their own appear separate appearances.

Why would the "BB19" cast include Paul Abrahamian?

While Nicole Franzel was crowned the "Big Brother 18" winner, a lot of fans really enjoyed watching Paul Abrahamian as part of the "BB18" cast. He is considered a fan-favorite by producers and a lot of people on social media, so it might make sense to allow him to have a second chance in the game.

Paul did play the game well, even though he didn't end up winning the money. Being the only returner might make him a huge target from Day 1 though.

These new "Big Brother 19" spoilers sound very interesting, but there hasn't been any confirmation just yet. Hamsterwatch is certainly very trustworthy when it comes to posts about the show and potential houseguests, but these should be safely considered just rumors until concrete evidence comes out. Will that happen, though, before the "Big Brother 19" season premiere on June 28?