"Big Brother" Season 19 returns this summer and rumor has it that the Cast will be picked by fans of the long-running reality series. If the rumors that started on Reddit are correct, the new cast of 16 houseguests will be revealed in mid-June. CBS has confirmed that the season premiere for "BB19" is scheduled for Wednesday, June 28.

So, how will this "BB19" cast is picked by fans thing work? Here's the scoop.

How many cast members will fans have to pick from?

There is speculation that there will be as many as 50 houseguests for fans to pick from.

Keep in mind, CBS has not confirmed any of this, but it sounds like a great way to pick the "BB19" cast. The rumors started on social media, so take it for what it's worth.

How did the voting rumor get started?

A post on Reddit started it all. The rumor that "Big Brother" fans would get to vote for the cast was spelled out in a rather long and seemingly made-up story about a girl who said she was in the running to be a House Guest but needed people to vote for her. The whole conversation was videotaped and sounds completely fabricated, but take a look at the tweet below and see if you agree.

The video mentioned in the Twitter post above put the rumor mill in action.

Anyone who has watched the show for any length of time knows that anyone who is being considered by CBS to be part of the "Big Brother" cast isn't allowed to talk about it.

That means that the girl who was mentioned in the Reddit post ("Erin") wouldn't even have a shot at being part of the cast because she talked about it. Hey, maybe she didn't know the rules?

Or the whole thing is a made-up story to get people talking about how the "BB19" cast will be picked.

Julie Chen talks about a new and improved "Big Brother"

All of the rumors about the casting process will soon come to an end. After all, the premiere is a little over a month away. Some fans were expecting the upcoming season to be an all-star season with half the cast made up of players from previous seasons.

That's not happening, though. Or at least that's what Julie Chen has been hinting. Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Chen recently teased on Instagram that an "All Stars 2" season may never happen because fans like watching new cast members.

"Apparently, CBS did a research study and found that most “Big Brother” fans didn’t want to see an all-star season," Celeb Dirty Laundy writes. "Although, 90 percent of them revealed they felt that the vet had an unfair advantage in the game the second time around."

Do you think fans should vote for the "Big Brother" 19 cast?