Young Spencer Cassadine has just learned some devastating news on "General Hospital.". Windemere/Spoon Island his lifelong home no longer belongs to the child. His aunt Lawyer Alexis Davis informed him that legally everything belongs to her half-brother Spener's great uncle Valentin. The child is livid and decides to take drastic measures to reclaim what is rightfully his.

Spencer is determined to set things right.

After his father, Nicholas was presumed dead Spencer's uncle Valentin produced papers indicating that he was the rightful heir of all things Cassadine.

Now that Valentin has been sent to prison the young prince wants to move back to the home where he lived with his father. His grandma Laura has been trying to explain the situation but Spencer refuses to accept defeat. On Wednesday, Alexis is called in to share her legal viewpoint.

She tells Spencer that Valentin legally owns everything and that upon his death the Cassadine fortune would more than likely go to his daughter Charlotte. Spencer is desperate to reclaim his inheritance so he gets his driver to take him to his uncle Sonny. This child who seems so over the top with the drama and keeps his family on their toes bears watching. Rather than childish antics, he may be showing himself to be a true Cassadine after all.

Spencer may prove to be a chip off the old block

When Alexis and Laura told the boy that only the death of Valentin could possibly open a door for him to reclaim his home Spencer reiterated this point twice, His grandmother and Aunt did not seem to read between the lines but the audience did. As soon as the driver took Spencer to Sonny the child boldly asked him to get rid of Valentin.

Spencer who is supposedly grieving over his own father does not care if Charlotte ends up without her beloved "Papa." His eyes are only on the end result which is obtaining what he believes to be rightfully his.

Spoiler alerts have indicated that Spencer's dad Nicholas is not dead and will be returning to "Genera Hospital." Is he pulling the child's strings behind the scenes or is the young prince simply a chip off the old block?

Great Grandmother Helena and her sons were diabolical and Sonny is a mobster. Spencer may have been paying more attention than anyone realized or it could simply be in his DNA.

His father Nicholas is not as squeaky clean as viewers once believed. After all, just before his alleged demise, Nicholas paid someone to take out his wife Hayden to keep her silent. Only time will tell if Spencer Cassadine is simply an overzealous child longing for the life he once lived or if he is a mobster/mad scientist in the making.