After months of rumors and spoiler alerts, fans of Maxie Jones can breathe a sigh of relief. Their faith has been rewarded and the long wait is over. ABC Soaps in Depth has reported that kirsten storms will be returning to "General Hospital' on July 24th.

Nathan awaits Maxie's return, or does he?

For more than four months, the rumor mill and spoiler alerts have been giving almost weekly updates regarding the absence of Kirsten Storms from "General Hospital." Since April, fans have been hearing that she would return soon, but no date was given. Now there is a definite day that Maxie will be back in action.

On screen, Detective Nathan West has been sleeping alone in Port Charles and missing his wife.

Now Maxie is returning, but will Nathan be happy to see her? Detective West is currently involved with Amy in the "Ask Man Landers" column. Her brother is a wounded warrior and needs money for medical expenses. Amy began doing the advice column pretending to be a male version of Ann Landers. She used a photo of Nathan as the face of Man Landers without his permission. Now there is a possible book deal which would help her take care of her wounded sibling. Will Ms. Jones be sympathetic to the situation when she finds out?

Initially, Nathan was angry, but after hearing why Amy needs him to be the face of "Ask Man Landers," both Detective West and his sister Nina are on board.

There is no romantic involvement between Amy and Nathan but they have become rather close. What will Maxie think when she returns to Port Charles? Will she give her spouse an ultimatum and send Amy packing? Will Nathan be excited to see his wife, or angry that she stayed away so long? Will their passion immediately be rekindled or will they feel estranged from each other?

Maxie will return to many changes

A lot has happened since Maxie went to Portland. Her best friend Lulu almost lost her daughter, but now has Charlotte living with her and Dante. Tracy Quartermaine has left Port Charles and Spencer Cassadine has returned to town. Sonny and Carly almost divorced, but now are getting back together.

Her sister-in-law Nina is no longer with Valentin Cassadine.

Life went on as if Maxie was never a part of the activities, but now, she is returning. Nina just hired Nelle as her assistant so Maxie will still be out of a job. Kirsten Storms' loyal fans have kept a vigilant watch during these past four months and spoiler alerts kept them up to date. Now the waiting has paid off. It will be good to see Kirsten/Maxie once again on "General Hospital."