"Big Brother" is starting soon and leaks and rumors have started. The biggest leak is about the cast and that the season is going to be all about second chances. Promotional posts by official "Big Brother" accounts on social media support this idea so it is possible that BB19 will be a combination of past competitors and new houseguests.

What are the 'Big Brother' leaks?

Twitter user, @KyleBewers2 leaked a list that he said was confirmed by a "Big Brother" insider that showed some of the names of the houseguests to appear in Season 19. The names on the list that are said to be unconfirmed included:

  • Zach Rance (BB16)
  • Corey Brooks (BB18)
  • Victor Arroyo (BB18)
  • Amanda Zuckerman (BB15)
  • Vanessa Rousso (BB17)
  • Liz Nolan (BB17).
  • Glenn Garcia (BB18)
  • Lane Elenburg (BB12)
  • Nick Uhas (BB15)
  • Howard Overby (BB15)
  • Audrey Middleton (BB17)
  • Gina-Marie Zimmerman (BB15)
  • Porsche Briggs (BB13)
  • Brittany Martinez (BB16).

This list certainly would not make an all-stars season as some of the people on this list are hardly even memorable, except to hardcore "Big Brother" fans.

Some of these houseguests left early in their season. But it would make sense if it was a “second chances” type of season.

Does 'Big Brother' promotions support this?

BB19 promotions make sense if this truly is to be a “second chances” season. One of the things that "Big Brother" has been doing is running a most memorable houseguest bracket contest. Some have speculated that this gives fans a chance to vote for who goes into the house. Houseguests were paired up against each other and fans were asked to vote for who they liked better. After the first round of voting is completed, a second round begins with the winners of the first round competing against each other.

Names in this contest included Jordan Lloyd, “Chicken George”, and Ian Terry. Voting continues until June 21 and the winner will be announced the day of the "Big Brother" Season 19 premiere. Will they announce the winner as he or she walks into the house?

There was also a "Big Brother" contest for fans to vote for their favorite bromance.

It likely won’t surprise anyone that Dr. Will Kirby and Mike “Boogie” Malin won that contest! Would you like to see them back again?

Could it be an all-stars season?

While there are some fans that would love to see an all-stars season of "Big Brother" again, Julie Chen has said that it is highly unlikely. The 2006 all-stars season was actually the worst rated of all the seasons of the shows, so it is logical that that won’t happen again.

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