The ex "Dance Moms" coach from Lifetime, Abby Lee Miller, has been dealing with legal issues for a couple of years now. Nearly two years ago she was caught with hiding over $700,000 US dollars of income from the US government.

Also when traveling back to the USA with her dance team, she was caught hiding about $120,000 Australia dollars that she had earned while overseas. She was finally charged with fraud on one of these criminal acts in 2015 and the other in 2016 and was sentenced to one year and one day in prison in April of 2017. But people have been noticing via her Instagram that Miller is still out and free and going on vacations despite her sentencing.

Now we may finally have an answer.

Why hasn't Abby's prison term started yet?

When someone has a trial and is sentenced to prison, usually we see them taken away by the guards, and they're put behind bars immediately. This has not been the case with Abby Lee Miller.

Delays have become quite a common occurrence in Abby's legal case. Her trial had a setback, her sentencing had a setback, and now her prison term has a setback.

She was set to go to prison on June 30, 2017, but now it seems as though she has been given two extra weeks of freedom and won't be put away to serve her one year and one day sentence until July 12, 2017.

It is being reported that this has to do with the fact that Miller has been having some medical issues.

Recently, she posted a photo of an x-ray of her knee to Instagram. Considering she is 50 years old and a dance teacher, it makes sense that she would have some knee problems.

So what is wrong with Abby Lee Miller's knee? How will this affect her sentencing?

It looks as though she is missing the cushioning in one of her knees.

This is common in dancers who, at one point, had learned or did not exhibit the correct dancing technique. It seems as though they gave Abby some extra time to get her knee taken care of before she carries out her sentence.

All of this shouldn't affect her sentencing too much, especially since they're giving her time to have it taken care of beforehand.

If anything, this should make her more able to endure the entire one-year and one-day sentencing if need be.

In reality, Abby will probably only serve a total of ten months behind bars. She was told that she could be out in eight months if she exhibited good behavior. Knowing that Abby is not an actual criminal, it wouldn't be surprising to see her out after eight months. But she'll still have to deal with the fact that she's now ruined her name and reputation. It will be hard for her to regain everyone's trust again. And let's be real, she had already ruined her name when she decided that abusing children on Reality TV was a good idea.