"Big Brother 19" is just a little over two weeks away. The anticipation is killing fans who wait all year for the CBS reality television show. Generally, the cast is revealed a few days before the season begins. Rumors swirl for the weeks and months leading up to the "Big Brother" premiere and this year has been no different. Talk about returning cast members, people who are related to former players, and celebrities being cast have all circulated social media in recent weeks. According to a leaked list earlier today, it seems that there will be something for everyone this season.

Cast description news

According to IB Times, a Twitter user leaked the cast descriptions from a source she has. While this could be true, it seems unlikely that it would be revealed with over two weeks to go until "Big Brother 19" begins airing. Some of the descriptions make sense, especially considering the casting agents choose people who are wacky and different to mix with the "normal" players. A few caught the eye of fans though. Rumors are swirling that Russell Hantz may appear on Season 19 of "Big Brother." One of the descriptions says that a former "Survivor" player has been cast and this would make sense. Willie Hantz, Russell's brother, was on Season 14 of the popular show.

Other descriptions for the cast members include an avid Trump supporter, a former player's dad, and a hipster with a beard.

There is a feminist who is actively involved with charities and a super fan who has only watched since Season 11. Fans have been trying to guess who the dad is, and there have been some who have thought Mr. Calafiore might be in the running. He is the father of former players Paulie and Cody. If this is the case, it could be an interesting summer on "Big Brother."

'Big Brother' 19 rumors

It has been rumor central for the last few months regarding "Big Brother 19." There was some talk of an all-stars season, a complete newbie season, and a season that mirrored last year with a few returning players.

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The only thing confirmed that this point is that "Big Brother" will premiere on June 28. The schedule for the show is rumored to be different than previous seasons, but there has not been confirmation on that yet.

The cast members should be officially revealed on or around June 19 if the trends from the past hold. "Big Brother 19" is almost upon us and fans are already geared up to watch the live feeds and the drama that happens in the house all season long.