The new season of "Big Brother" is now airing on CBS. After the show Thursday night, the live feeds started airing and this also means the spoilers are coming out. Big Brother Network shared about who won the very first POV of the season and fans can't wait to hear all of the results. There has already been one eviction and another one is coming soon.

What is the POV and how did it go down?

The Power Of Veto is the one way that you can save yourself in this game if you are up on the block. You get to compete, and if you win, then you can take yourself off the block or someone else down if you aren't nominated or don't want to remove yourself.

First off, if you missed it, Megan self-evicted herself and left the house. This means she wasn't even up on the block anymore and Cody had to put up a replacement nominee for her. Alex replaced her on the block along with Jillian. Cody made the choice to put her up, but that doesn't mean that she is going home.

Alex, Jillian, and Cody competed in the Power of Veto along with three random choices. Alex was able to win the Power of Veto, which means she will be taking herself off the block of course. This is going to upset Cody because the person he wanted to go home won't be considering that Megan is already gone and Alex is pulling herself down. Now Cody will have to put up a replacement nominee in her place.

Whatever the competition was, they were wearing swimsuits when they came in from it. Fans are going to have to wait for a new episode of "Big Brother 19" to see exactly what the veto competition was and how it went down. More than likely, this will be on the new episode Sunday night.

What is the plan for eviction now?

The plan now is that they are going to put Jason up on the block against Jillian.

More than likely they are going to end up sending Jason home instead of Jillian. That is going to upset him since has no clue that he is on the chopping block, but that is the way this game works. So far, it sounds like Cody hasn't even had the Power of Veto ceremony, so Jason has no clue at all what is coming. This is when all of the drama in the house starts happening as people are upset that they get backstabbed and put on the block.

Were you shocked to hear that Megan actually self-evicted herself and went home? Who do you think they should send home this week? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don't miss new episodes of "Big Brother 19" on CBS. The next episode will air on Sunday night.