In less than three weeks, "Big Brother 19" will be debuting. June 28 will kick off Season 19 of the popular CBS reality show and fans are counting down the minutes until it airs. Every year, rumors about the "Big Brother" cast circulate across social media. There is often some truth to the leaks, but for the most part, they are just half-truths. Recently, a reportedly leaked list showed a few former players returning this summer. While nothing has been confirmed, the list is rather interesting.

Which names were leaked as 'Big Brother 19' cast members?

The rumored leak has dropped several potential names returning to play "Big Brother 19." According to the Hollywood Gossip, Brittany Martinez (Season 16), Victor Arroyo (Season 18), Gina-Marie Zimmerman (Season 15), Audrey Middleton (Season 17), and Ashley Iocco (Season 14) are rumored to be returning. While this is likely a made up, fans aren't jumping to dismiss it yet either.

You may recognize a few of the names and some may be unfamiliar. The only male mentioned is Victor Arroyo who was easily a fan favorite last season. He was evicted and let back in the house, winning battles along the way. He could never quite manage to get it right and stay in the house, but he definitely had a good time playing and made "Big Brother" entertaining to watch last summer.

Audrey Middleton was the first transgender contestant on the show. Her paranoia put a target on her back and she was evicted before getting anywhere in the game. Brittany Martinez was in and out before anyone even took too much notice.

Gina-Marie Zimmerman back for 'Big Brother' redemption?

Season 15 of "Big Brother" was a rough one for the network.

It was the season that prompted CBS to put up a disclaimer prior to the show airing each and every night. Gina-Marie Zimmerman caused a stir with comments she made during her stint on the reality show and while she could have had more backlash, her friend, Aaryn Gries caught the majority of it. Both were stating some pretty racist remarks and neither thought any better about repeating those words.

The scandal affected Gries more but fans remember Zimmerman. Could this be her "Big Brother" redemption?

With just under three weeks to go until the "Big Brother 19" premiere, fans are getting anxious about the new cast. Could the leak be true? Will there be returning players or a whole new cast? Tune in on Wednesday, June 28 to see how the "Big Brother" summer will kick off.