Get out your Plumbus, it's time to celebrate! After being on hiatus for nearly two years, Rick and Morty is officially back! When the first episode of Season 3 premiered unannounced on April Fools Day, fans took it as a sign that the rest of the season was not far behind. But a lack of further information led to distress, as cancellation rumors began to spread across the internet a few weeks prior. These rumors were thankfully dispelled by co-creator Dan Harmon, and it was announced that “Rick and Morty” will be returning July 30th. Last night we got our first sneak peek as to what Season 3 has in store for us.

Pickle Rick!

The new trailer will hype up any “Rick and Morty” fan within seconds. We see clips of what looks like a “Mad Max” tribute, a strangely buffed-up Morty, and Rick Sanchez as a pickle. In any other context, these things would be considered quite asinine. But in the hands of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, we know there is an awe-inspiring and meaningful brilliance behind having our titular hero transform--into a pickle.

We see Pickle Rick in a robotic suit beating up rats, getting chased by secret agents, and jumping out of toilets. Despite the similar sounding tagline, this doesn't look like a retread of the "Tiny Rick!" episode from Season 2. But more of a messed up, and much improved, version of "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids."

To see a "Rick and Morty" version of any film is a treat, but the Mad Max episode looks especially promising.

The adrenaline-filled, stylized action flick is simply begging to be given an imaginative and messed-up twist. Another highlight is the inclusion of Summer in their adventures. Could this season reveal a darker, more mature Summer Smith? She now seems comfortable with holding a gun and killing pitiful creatures who are begging her for the sweet release of death.

It also looks like she’s accepted the idea of infinite realities, as she’s seen working with a muscular-cyborg version of herself. It would be refreshing to see Summer more involved in her families' universe-shattering shenanigans.

Not gone for good

Amongst the chaos, we get Jerry and Rick riding a high-speed roller coaster, and Jerry getting ready to be eaten.

Considering how the first episode of the Season 3 went down, it's surprising to see Jerry show up at all; much less riding a roller coaster with Rick. Rick told Morty at the end of said episode that it was part of his grand scheme to get rid of Jerry so he could assume political and personal power. And considering his personal history with Jerry, it's a puzzlement as to why the two of them would be hanging out in the first place. There's the unlikely possibility that Rick doesn't completely dislike Jerry. But it's more plausible that he needs something from him and/or needs

This trailer offered up some cool fight sequences, creative visuals, and ridiculously humorous moments. If they're planning on introducing their neighbor (Gene) as the new straight man, it'd be a fascinating reaction.

What have his thoughts been in the previous 2 seasons worth of insanity? The Smiths probably haven't been good neighbors in recent years. But one of the shows biggest strong suits is in its unpredictability. While we could try to deeply analyze this trailer, it would be futile. This is a show that, given the choice of right or left, would go straight up.

There's truly no telling what season 3 has in store, as the imagination the show is built upon, has no bounds. The only way to find out is to tune into Adult Swim on July 30th to see what madness the “Rick and Morty” gang has in store.

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