The "Better call saul" season 3 finale was a bit of a downer as fans had to take into account the grim events of the series, along with Chuck's fate and an unsure date of series renewal. For those who haven't watched the finale, be warned that this article contains major finale spoilers so read at your own risk. To continue, the ending of "Better Call Saul" was a mixture of grimness and uncertainty, as the viewers were left hanging on to their seats with a cliffhanger. Chuck was last seen engulfed in flames, and it might really be the end of his character in the series.

Will the fans no longer see Chuck in the next season?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael McKean revealed that while he too, is unsure of Chuck's fate, he is pretty sure that Chuck will be returning in some season 4 flashbacks. Showrunners Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan also sat down for an interview and revealed some vital information about the finale and what's next for the series.

Not a fake death or a "schmuck-bait"

In some series, when a character is depicted as dead or dying in the finale, many viewers are not accepting the fate of the character, believing that it's only a "schmuck-bait" or a false death. This has happened many times in different series, where a character is depicted to be dead, but returns in one big shocking scene in the next episodes.

That said, showrunners Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan clarified that Chuck's death in "Better Call Saul" season 3 finale is definitely not a "schmuck-bait." However, they also revealed that they still haven't begun writing the script for "Better Call Saul" season 4, so anything can still happen,

From comedy to tragedy

Followers of "Better Call Saul" since season 1 have noticed that the path of the genre of the series has changed a lot.

From what was perceived and marketed as a comedy series, the show eventually evolved into a more dramatic and tragic series, and even had a lot of deaths in between.

Meanwhile, AMC has yet to give the green light for "Better Call Saul" season 4. Fans are worried that the change in the genre of the series might have something to do with the delay for the renewal, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, the showrunners aren't really worried.

Is Chuck really dead?

While the showrunners already mentioned that they are not really fans of tricking the audience about a character's death, they still couldn't discount the fact that Chuck's death wasn't really given a clear ending. The possibility of him surviving the flames and getting help is still very much open, so it's something to watch out for in "Better Call Saul" season 4.