Gus Fring will definitely be back in “Better call saul season 3 after a lot of assumptions and theories made from the previous season. However, he might not be the only original “Breaking Bad” character coming in the new installment. In a new interview with the Huffington Post, Bob Odenkirk, who plays the role of Jimmy McGill, revealed that there are more favorite “BrBa” characters coming in “BCS.” And with the 54-year-old actor’s claim, many are now excited by the possibility of seeing Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) or even Walter White (Bryan Cranston).

More ‘Breaking Bad’ characters coming

Odenkirk first talked about the coming of Gus Fring in “Better Call Saul” Season 3. “Giancarlo is an incredibly sweet, generous actor, and incredibly gifted, amazing actor, so it’s wonderful to have him around,” the comedian said.

The “Girlfriend’s Day” star even teased that they are getting near to the world of “Breaking Bad.” “And it’s not just Giancarlo. There are other characters from that show that are starting to appear, so that is super exciting,” he hinted.

The writer even revealed that the crime drama’s fans “are in for a surprise.” Odenkirk went on to say that things will be awesome. In fact, he is starting to get jealous of the viewers for a lot of surprises on their way.

‘BCS’ original concept

As “Better Call Saul” Season 3 is coming closer to “Breaking Bad,” Odenkirk now thinks that the two shows are going to blend together. However, the director has been also asked if his show will still stick to the original concept, or of things will change.

The producer went on to explain that Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have established a unique place for the spinoff to stay.

As a matter of fact, it will be featured throughout the upcoming third chapter. But, things might change if ever there will be a fourth and fifth installment.

Odenkirk even hinted that “BCS” might be more balanced, featuring the stability of “violence and higher stakes.” But first, fans are going to witness the transformation of McGill into the much-awaited Saul Goodman.