Hey, "Better Call Saul" fans. Yep, it's true. We've already reached the big finale episode of season 3. In it, we're going to see Nacho deal with some very dangerous drama! Jimmy tries to make up for wrongdoing. Hamlin is going to grow impatient with Chuck at some point. Kim is going to finally take some sort of a break. We got these spoiler teasers from AMC's official synopsis description via TV Guide.

They named it 'Lantern'

They also revealed that the producers decided to name this installment, "Lantern." So, that's a pretty simple title. In their main plot summary, they tell us that we're going to see Kim take some time off.

Is this her decision? How long of a break is she going to take? Those are the big questions for her storyline. Maybe we'll see those questions get answered in this episode. But, it's more likely that we'll have to wait until season 4. Speaking of season 4, Gus star Giancarlo Esposito recently told Entertainment Weekly that a new season is likely going to happen.

Jimmy makes amends

Next, they revealed that while Kim is taking her break, we're going to see Jimmy attempt to make amends. Will he be able to pull that off? Or will his past sins just be too deep to make up for? AMC's very vague description didn't reveal any other details about it so we're going to have to wait until the episode airs to see what happens with that plotline.

It certainly sounds like it will deliver some pretty interesting scenes to look forward to.

This third scoop reveals that we're going to see Nacho doing some pretty destructive things. They say that he's going to be very busy gambling with his future! The burning questions for his situation is what risks will he actually be taking?

Will he really go through with these damaging behaviors? It's possible that we could see a hint or maybe a clue as to what they're talking about when AMC releases the preview clip for episode 10 later on tonight after episode 9 airs? You'll definitely want to look for it. It should show up on YouTube a few hours after episode 9 ends.

Catching a lot of heat

This last teaser reveals that Chuck is going to catch a lot of heat from Hamlin to go ahead and make a decision. What is this decision that Hamlin is pushing so hard for? Will Chuck give in to the pressure? We certainly can't answer any of those questions right now. It's likely that at least one of these storylines might give us some sort of cliffhanger to heighten fans' interest for the 4th season. Of course, we'll have to wait and see to be sure.

We can confirm that the finale episode is set to hit the airwaves next Monday night, June 19th, 2017, at 9pm central standard time on AMC. Stay tuned.