Kim Kardashian is launching her own makeup line and sources claim that the daring move has left Kylie Jenner annoyed.

While Kim’s line is being produced by the same people who make Kylie’s range of cosmetics, the 19-year-old reportedly feels as if her older sister is copying her business tactics to cash in on millions the exact same way.

Sources via Hollywood Life stress that Kylie would have preferred Kim doing her own thing in a different market because now it’s becoming as if the two have to compete against one another as far as the success of their makeup lines is concerned.

Kim doesn't like being overshadowed, source reveals

Kylie loves being successful at what she does and there’s no way that she’ll sit back and have Kim Kardashian outshine her once her collection is ready to be sold and shipped worldwide.

An insider tells Hollywood Life that the 36-year-old is unbothered by Kylie’s concerns, making it known that Kim allegedly finds it hard to see her Sisters excelling at something more than her.

She’s confident that once her makeup line goes on sale, her numbers in sales are most definitely going to surpass those that Kylie Jenner makes, and while the socialite might be unhappy with her sibling’s decision to steal her shine, Kim thinks Kylie has no right to be annoyed.

“Deep down Kim is very competitive with all of her sisters, despite frequently helping them with their business ventures,” a source tells the news outlet.

“But, the makeup line was Kylie’s thing, and she’s really excelled at it. Kim struggles to see any of her sisters doing better than her, even though she loves them all to pieces.

She just can’t stop herself when it comes to sibling rivalry, it’s so ingrained in her.”

Kylie Jenner continues to stay busy with forthcoming reality show

News of Kim’s decision to launch her own makeup line comes just weeks after Kylie Jenner confirmed she will be starring in her own reality show titled "Life of Kylie," which is expected to premiere next month on the E!

network, Deadline reveals.

The premise of the show is simply focused around Kylie as she juggles being a businesswoman while gearing up for the release of a new clothing line, and maintaining a solid relationship with her boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Jenner says the show will help fans get to see the real side of her.

As for Kim Kardashian, People claims the reality star's makeup range will make close to $15 million within minutes, with the estimated amount in sales being simply made from pre-orders. The number could drastically rise during the launch tomorrow.