Caitlyn Jenner’s newly released memoir “The Secrets of My Life” has caused a big controversy and feud to the family of the Kardashians. In fact, Kris Jenner is greatly affected of her accusations that make her kids react. After Kim Kardashian read the whole thing, she finally understands why her mother is acting that way. In the upcoming episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on Sunday, the 36-year-old star contradicts the former Olympian’s claim and everything she said about her mother.

Kim slams Caitlyn’s revelations

"Did you read the whole thing?" Kourtney Kardashian asks Kim.

The 38-year-old star admitted that Kris might just be overreacting and making Caitlyn’s memoir a big deal. The wife of Kanye West, on the other hand, is thinking the same thing but as she has read the book, she now fully understands her mother.

"[Caitlyn's] so angry at mom, like for no reason," she says. She feels like she is blaming the 61-year-old momager in everything that happens to her life. She uses Kris as her reason for not talking to her sister and for not seeing her kids. “Like, grow up and say, 'I didn't call my kids!'" she adds.

Caitlyn discrediting Kris and the Kardashians

The mother of Saint and North West also reveals that the retired decathlete discredits Corey Gamble’s girlfriend throughout “The Secrets of My Life.” "She said, 'I didn't see a dime of my money,'” she cites.

It looks like Caitlyn is suggesting that Kris took her money by getting her check, hid it, and had a big amount from it. On the contrary, she says that their family had been struggling financially for years the time that they are still together. The money she was talking about didn’t even end up in her mom’s own pocket.

Kourtney interrupts Kim and agrees with what she says adding that they both made money together.

The former partner of Scott Disick narrates that she saw her mother busy booking for appearances. She even worked for her and would hear her making phone calls inside their office. “She would hustle to get speeches,” she adds. In fact, she is the one who changed Caitlyn’s career, who is then Bruce Jenner. She is even the one who made her have the motivational speaker business, E!

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Meanwhile, Kim and Kourtney also talk about Caitlyn’s interview with Diane Sawyer in 2015 where she didn’t mention the Kardashians name. The mother-of-two recalls when the “I Am Cait” star said that their family was so upset when they were not mentioned in the interview, although it was on purpose. She insisted that everytime that she will cite the Kardashians, people will think that it was for publicity, thus she intentionally didn’t talk about them. "And that sounds pathetic," Kourtney disagrees.