Abby Lee Miller is about to go to jail, and she still can’t believe it is really happening. The 50-year-old choreographer is hoping that everything is just a bad dream and that she is going to wake up from this nightmare. In a new interview with Us Weekly, the former “Dance Moms” host talked about her impending prison sentence and her fears that come with it. Plus, she has a lot of questions that need answering before she sets foot in prison come June.

Miller hoping everything is just a dream

“It’s surreal,” Miller told the publication. She is still hoping that everything is just a big mistake and someone’s going to call her and tell her she’s not going to prison.

As previously reported, she was sentenced to be imprisoned for one year and one day earlier this month. She is set to start her sentence in a Federal Corrections Institution in California in June. Aside from the prison time, she also has to pay $160,000 in fines. In 2016, she pleaded guilty to one count of bankruptcy fraud.

Miller also pleaded guilty to one count of failing to declare more than $10,000 she brought to the U.S. after accepting $120,000-worth of Australian money. In addition, she originally faced 19 more counts of fraud in connection with failing to disclose her total earnings from “Dance Moms” and other money she had when she filed bankruptcy.

Her preparation

Moreover, Miller admitted that she is not yet ready to go to jail.

“I’m not out taking karate,” she said. She is not yet taking any self-defense classes, although she feels like she has to. She then remembered that there’s a woman who has experience in the matter.

“She told me to take money for toiletries,” the owner of Reign Dance Productions revealed. However, she still needs to find out other things that she has to bring.

Aside from that, she also wants to know if she can wear socks to bed, as her feet cramp up and freeze.

She also has a lot of questions about the things she can bring inside the prison, like a computer, and other basic necessities. Although some think that she has a lot of things to ask, she believes that it is just normal for a person like her to do that.

Unfortunately, she is not getting any answers.

Additionally, she also talked about her biggest fears. She is afraid of being unable to work and losing her bubbly self. “[I’m scared] that I won’t be permitted to be productive,” she confessed.

In preparation to serve her sentence, she hopes that she won’t lose her personality, though she also said that she will definitely have a hard time keeping her mouth shut.