This week the "young and the restless," spoilers reveal that Victoria is planning to take down Phyllis. She is already aware of the relationship of Billy and Phyllis, but she will be desperate to take Billy back. On the other hand, Phyllis is stuck in a love triangle set up between Billy and Victoria. Apparently, she intends to do whatever she can to keep Billy with her. Will she be able to fight for Billy until the end? Will Victoria give her more problems down the road?

Victoria plans to take revenge?

As part of Victoria's plan to take down Phyllis, she won't stop telling Phyllis the fact that she and Billy have made agreements that her ex-husband will be at her home to be with her every single night for their family and kids.

On the other hand, Phyllis won't love that scenario but she knew the fact that Billy has kids with her.

Moreover, "Young and the Restless" spoilers claim that Victoria has something on her mind that would create serious issues among them this week. She wanted to focus her relationship with Billy. The series viewers will see Billy regularly at her house to sort some things about their custody and visitation agreement.

Further, Victoria will also inform Phyllis about their plans of going to LA for a business trip. Apparently, Phyllis will no longer love that idea. Will Victoria finally takes down Phyllis? This week, viewers will find out whether Phyllis will tell Billy about it.

Is Adam Newman returning to 'Young and the Restless'?

Meanwhile, some of the spoilers claim the return of Adam Newman on the series. Basically, most of the fans have been begging for Newman to come back since the time Justin Hartley left the show.

Finally, it has been reported that he is coming back and his return will surely shake things up on the series.

Apparently, his return will make a huge spark over Chelsea's emotions. However, Adam's presence will also create some conflicts since Chelsea has been dating Nick recently. Further, Victor will be thrilled considering that his son is back and he will be able to fix his family.

On the other hand, some spoilers claim that Scott will play a certain role in discovering the past of Newman. He will be seen discovering some buried secrets which involve his past.

Amidst Scott's quest for certain answers, he will stumble some evidence that will point out to Phyllis kidnapping incident. Certainly, some scenes are getting complicated this week as vengeance and big revelations are about to unfold!