Clarke has come a long way in “The 100.” After years of believing that she’s had to make the best choice between two evils, she finally made a decision that was good for humanity. Opting to sacrifice herself, she made sure her people were safe from the radiation that swept the land. While she is a nightblood, she wasn’t sure if it would be enough to save her.

The last minutes of “The 100Season 4 finale saw Clarke alive and well. But she wasn’t alone, as would have been expected. There was a young girl with her. Just who is this child and what does it mean for Season 5?

A young nightblood by Clarke’s side

Executive producer Jason Rothenberg has made it very clear that the young girl is not Clarke’s biological daughter. There is no jumping off the ship here. However, she will be like a daughter to Clarke. The last moments of the Season 4 finale saw a six-year time jump. We don’t know the exact things that have happened during this time, but we do know that Clarke and the young nightblood met, and Clarke felt responsible for her.

The young girl is called Madi. The two were alone for a long time but have now found each other. They have relied on each other for survival during this time jump. Hopefully, there will be some flashbacks to see how the two met and what they mean to each other in Season 5.

Madi can change everything on ‘The 100’

For the longest time, Clarke has been a teenager who made decisions for the good of her people. She put the survival of the others first, making some of the hardest choices that nobody else could. Some of these included killing those viewed as the antagonists of the show.

The introduction of Madi will change everything for “The 100” Season 5.

Clarke has technically become a parent to this young girl. Like all parents find, the world changes when there is a child to care for. The good of the many may not be for the good of the child, and parents will always put their child first. It’s instinct to do that.

Fans may find that Clarke completely changes the way she acts around Bellamy, Raven, and the others when they come back to Earth.

She will put Madi first in all decisions she makes, even if the choices aren’t the best for the others. This will also change her relationship with Abby, as she realizes some of the choices Abby has had to make for the good of her daughter.

The 100” Season 4 wrapped this week with Clarke’s sacrifice. The show will return sometime in the 2017 midseason lineup, likely in February 2018, for its fifth season.