"Westworld" Season 2 needs a little more time to wait before it hits the screen again. This TV hit series is expected to debut its follow-up story by 2018; however, no actual date has been announced yet. According to the production, it needs a little more time for the plot to complete. Meanwhile, just a little tidbits of season 2, it is expected to feature the different version of Dolores. What will she become by then?

New Dolores to be unleashed on next season

As per Christian Post, fans need to expect a different Dolores as it airs the next installment.

During the first franchise finale, a little hint was shown that Dolores was no longer the same robot host that she used to be in her entire story. Further, Evan Rahel Wood, who used to play her character revealed about her character as well.

Apparently, Wood is also curious about how season 2 will unleash the other side of Dolores. The final seconds of the season 1 showed Dolores in an entirely different programming; thus, this made Wood conclude that her character will evolve its newest version.

For the entire season 1, Dolores has been searching for her identity.

It was during the finale where she finally became aware of herself and started firing among the crowd that clearly indicates that she's finally ready to lead a revolution.

That so-called "unleashed version" brings so much curiosity to the viewers. Further, the follow-up franchise is also set to introduce new characters, and it will be exciting on how will Dolores interact with these new people in the series.

However, fans need to wait a little more before it starts airing again.

Season 2 air date is yet to be revealed

Fans are becoming impatient with "Westworld" follow up the season. As of now, HBO has not made any announcement yet on the fix airing date. The series executive producers, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy once teased that the next storyline will have to jump from where they ended in the season 1.

Most probably, season 2 will debut its first episode sometime in 2018. Further, fans need to expect that the forthcoming season will be a little different than the first one. The series creators try to play with the way they'll tell its story, and definitely, this will bring surprise to the fans. Nolan revealed, "We are not picking up right where we left off."

"Westworld" season 2 needs a little more time before it finishes its storyline. Thus, this needs fans to stretch their patience a bit more and wait for the best season 2 to come.