Wedding bells are finally ringing as Robert Pattinson, and partner FKA Twigs finally got engaged. The "Twilight" actor is expected to Tie The Knot with the singer before this year ends. Apparently, the couple wanted to have a private and solemn wedding ceremony. Before their engagement announcement, some speculations claim that Pattinson and the long-time fiance already started planning for a simple yet elegant ceremony. But when is precisely the wedding date? That will be announced pretty sure soon!

Pattinson, Twigs to marry after engagement

Pattinson and Twigs have been engaged since 2015, and this brought fans the doubts that they had been planning their wedding already.

Lately, when they confirmed their engagement, fans started claiming that this might be the reason why "The Lost City of Z" actor had been on hard work lately. Meanwhile, Twigs is also working with her recent Nike commercial which gains several nominations during the 2017 British Arrows.

There are also speculations that claim that the couple has been seeing wedding coordinator already. Preferably, Pattinson wants it to be small and private for them to avoid from too much media coverage. Meanwhile, other speculations suggest that the two already had gotten married secretly. Could this be possible? There is a chance for the "Twilight" actor and his long-time fiance to have just invited their closest friends to witness their union.

Nonetheless, the wedding date is to be revealed soon and hopefully; this will clear out all speculations as fans will get to see the couple's dream private wedding.

Robert Pattinson remains silent on 'Twilight' reboot

As the couple starts planning for their marriage, it cannot be avoided for fans to connect Pattinson with his ex on and off-screen partner Kristen Stewart.

There were issues before that links Pattinson to her ex-girlfriend that leads fans to talk about the breakup gossips with Twigs. However, the "Twilight" actor remained silent about it, especially on the possibility of expanding the story of the movie.

Previously, some of his fans believe that their wedding couldn't happen any sooner since Pattinson still has the interest in working with Stewart again.

However, these speculations were in contrast to the news today because the couple is ready to pursue the wedding no matter what happens.

Further, Pattinson also has shared his thoughts about the next "Twilight" sequel. He revealed that he is always curious on expanding more about this hit novel-based film.