"General Hospital" viewers can't just wait on what will happen next to the lives of the characters. This week, Sonny will be featured meeting a new woman in their town, and she is Martina. She is the new lawyer in their place; however, nobody knows who she is. Meanwhile, as the story goes, Tracy will be shown trying to gather her entire family on the upcoming scenes together with special guests that include Hamilton Finn and Hayden Barnes.

Sonny meets town's new lawyer

A new lawyer has been assigned to the town where Sonny resides. She is Martina, and no one knows who exactly she is.

Martina will be the lawyer of Carly, but none of them is aware of it. In one of the scenes, Sonny will be meeting Martina as he heads off to the local watering hole for him to drown his sorrows.

Currently, Sonny is facing a divorce, and he is definitely not happy about it. Things are not looking good on his side. As the story goes, Sonny will be drunk, and as he meets the new lawyer, they will end up kissing each other, and that would make a start between the two of them.

Meanwhile, Carly will be seen bursting out in anger this week.

She is not happy with the how things are going on in her life. For the meantime, she is in the state of ownership regarding Sonny's asset. However, despite her anger, Carly doesn't have the idea that Sonny wants to seduce her and wants her back in his life.

Tracy Quartermaine sets up family gathering

This week on "General Hospital" will be a big break for the Quartermaines.

Tracy will be hosting an event for her entire family, and this will also include her special guests like Hamilton, Hayden, and Kiki. Meanwhile, a surprise announcement will be made by Ned during the occasion.

Ned will take the spotlight off from Tracy as he's going to make a big announcement about changing his last name to Quartermaine.

Apparently, Ned no longer wanted of having Larry Ashton's name being attached to his. As he aims to marry Olivia, there will be more Quartermaines together with the little Leo.

Further, as Ned makes an announcement, Tracy will also do the same. It is a bigger announcement than Ned's. Tracy is announcing to her family that she'll be leaving the Port Charles for her to make the world a better place. Accordingly, she has been sick of all the human trafficking incidents that were brought by Larry Ashton. Thus, such announcement will make all "GH" fans jaw-dropped this time!