"Westworld" is a complex HBO series that is telling multiple stories as well as unfolding a huge mystery all at the same time. Some fans of the show have really dove right in and tried to figure out the puzzle that is obviously evolving within the series. Others seem to have nodded off, clearly not interested in looking for deeper meaning, which seems to be the heart of the first season of "Westworld."

Why isn't 'Westworld' a much bigger hit?

It seems that "Westworld" should be a much bigger hit and as a fan, I have recommended the HBO series to many others.

Some loved it while others just didn't get what was so exciting about it. On the surface, "Westworld" is just another western but with HBO's touch of sex and violence. Below the surface is a truly intricate story that hasn't even been fully figured out yet, laced with many lessons about reality that have been woven into a story about artificial intelligence as it becomes self-aware.

While the show is compelling and complex, it hasn't seemed to pick up a large viewership like it really deserves. Due to that, HBO still hasn't picked "Westworld" up for Season 2 although they say the chances are good that it will happen. Hopefully when the intricate plot unravels and fans can see the whole story they are trying to tell, many will jump on the "Westworld" bandwagon and spend some time marathoning Season 1 in order to catch up.

It does seem like a great show to spend some time watching straight through because there are so many clues laid out from episode to episode that help viewers to understand what is really going on.

Will 'Westworld' ratings go up when the mystery is solved?

Ratings for "Westworld" are actually decreasing since the episode 3 high, with viewers dropping off each week.

Is this because viewers don't like the show or because they just don't get it? It's safe to say that once they understand the huge plot twist that is playing out right before fans' eyes, many may come back and revisit the show. At least we an hope that is the case because a Season 2 of "Westworld" would be really great.

"Westworld"creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have at least five seasons planned out for the HBO show.

It would be a real disappointment if they couldn't even get past the first one with some a great concept. There is so much depth that new clues emerge every time I rewatch an episode. Beyond the sex and violence of an expensive video game where the player can do literally whatever they please, there is a message about the way that video games can desensitize the player as well as the warning about artificial intelligence and what androids can do when they realize that they aren't human.

"Westworld" is easily one of the most complex and interesting new shows on TV whether it is getting huge ratings or not. Let's just hope that Season 2 does happen and we can continue learning about the futuristic theme park and all it has to offer.