"Mr. Robot" season 3 still has a few months left before it is aired, and fans are eagerly waiting for any updates. The plot of the critically acclaimed drama–thriller TV series is considered intriguing and provocative. It tells the story of a cyber-security engineer and hacker Elliot Alderson who has social anxiety disorder and clinical depression. He is recruited by a group of hacktivists which aims to erase all debts by attacking a megacorporation called E Corp.

The series' main casts Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Carly Chaikin, Portia Doubleday, and Grace Gummer recently talked about the season 2 and what they expect from the upcoming season.

All of them agreed that showrunner and creator/director Sam Esmail as their guide and anchor during production.

Season 3 is going to be about plot and character

Chaikin (Darlene Alderson) said that season 1 was about plot, while season 2 was about character. However season "Mr. Robot" season 3 is going to be about both. She added that the upcoming season is going to show her character change. "I have to learn how to change with her," she added.

Malek (Elliot Alderson) teased that when he asked Esmail as to what the core of "Mr. Robot" season 3 is going to be, the latter answered that it is going to be "disintegration." The actor added that he is continuously challenged in playing his dysfunctional character, but he feels that Esmail is happy with the work that he is done.

It's going to be 'fast-paced.'

Meanwhile, Slater (Mr. Robot) told Los Angeles Times that Elliot is going to face a lot more danger. He added that "Mr. Robot" season 3 is going to be a "fast-paced" kind of season. He teased that the show is going to be very surprising, and there will be scenes that he himself did not see coming.

"Everybody has to go through a lot of questionable things in Season 3," he added.

Now talking about questionable, Doubleday's character may be in a huge trouble. The actress who plays Angela Moss said that the previous season showed her character as someone who is interested in "positive affirmations and how you brainwash yourself." She added that the upcoming season is going to be the "most difficult season" for her character so far.

Fans of the show know that Elliot is still in the dark about Angela's betrayal, and this may be one of the reasons why Doubleday said "Mr. Robot" season 3 is hard for her. The new season is expected to premiere in October.