The most exciting part of tonight’s episode of “Criminal Minds” Season 12 Episode 21 as per CBS Synopsis, “Reid feared when his mother was abducted, he asked the BAU to investigate while he had stuck in prison."

When Reid’s mother was in trouble in one of the episodes of “Criminal Minds” Season 12, the nurse named Lindsey Vaughn who took good care of her mom while in the hospital disappeared. She was being saved by Reid many years ago who he had not heard since 2007 and should be in the Witness Protection Program. It appeared to him why everything happened, the reasons for her secret disappearance and why she is called “Carol Atkinson” her alias name.

Reid is concerned about the threats

Reid was concerned about the new threat to his mother after he talked out of his friends. He wanted to find out what is the motive of Lindsay’s plan why she targeted Reid’s mum. He admitted to his friends that Lindsay was the woman that drugged him to Mexico. It had been a Scratch drug’s involvement and had left him with confusion.

Prentiss, Reid friends, who are anxious about what happened since Reid was in prison. He already proved to herself that he was cleaned and comes back with sanity. He finally remembered about Lindsay’s case, the memories still refresh when Lindsay’s was abducted and what mattered more to him was that “finding Casie.”

Lindsey was a daddy’s girl, after all, she would use a gun for he believes in bringing his legacy.

Preston and Alves wanted information from her together with her father from Witness Protection Program and found out that Linsey aged out of the program and that she had willing left home several years ago.

What fans need to watch out for in the next episode

There are still more thrills and suspend for the episode of the week.

These are just some of the breathtaking highlights as we move into the finale, remember that "Criminal Minds" already has a season 13 renewal. There are some teases as to what could be the coming up season. What you have just read is the glimpse of Episode 12.

As the show moves to the finale, "Criminal Minds" has already been given the green light for a season 13.

Perhaps, a spoiler for the upcoming season will be released by the producers soon.

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