We are down to just one episode, and "Fargo" season 3 will say goodbye. The series is critically acclaimed, and the current season is no different. Some critics even suggest that Ewan McGregor should get an Emmy for playing the role of the Stussy brothers.

Now, "Fargo" season 3 episode 9 may be the season's best episode yet. Every scene left viewers hanging on to their seats. "Aporia" started with Meemo plotting Marvin Stussy's murder. The plan is to kill as many Stussy's as possible to make it appear that Emmit is not guilty of killing his own brother, Ray.

Meanwhile, Emmit opened up to Gloria, saying that he has been killing his brother for 30 years when he conned Ray into taking a car full of valuable stamp collection. Emmit added that he can no longer hide from his conscience and that what he did to his brother all those years ago is not fair.

Nikki, Mr. Wench versus Varga

On the other hand, Nikki is keen on making Varga pay for everything with the help of Mr. Wench. She sets up a meeting with Varga, and she was able to get some important documents from Varga's semi, and these documents may prove Varga's guilt. "Fargo" season 3 episode 9 had a cliffhanger moment when Larue Dollard from the IRS got an envelope with evidence on Stussy Lots.

Fans believe that next week will show IRS hunting Varga down.

The official synopsis for "Fargo" season 3 finale has been released, and it does not give anything away. The synopsis for "Somebody to Love" says: "Gloria follows the money, Nikki plays a game and Emmit learns a lesson about progress from Varga."

'You work for Varga'

The trailer for "Fargo" season 3 finale is heart-pumping, and no real hints of what's coming next are shown, which is understandable.

One scene shows Emmit looking completely astounded while looking at someone, and he said: "You work for Varga." Viewers can only wonder as to who this is. "Fargo" season 3 finale will air on June 21 on FX.

Fans ask, is there going to be a season 4? Some sources claim that this may be the last. Showrunner Noah Hawley recently said that there is only a certain amount of storytelling that can be told in that vein.

He added that he loves telling stories, but he does not really have another one yet.

However, it may be too early to despair. "Fargo" has been that way ever since, and it was not even sure that there's going to be a follow-up after the season 1. John Cameron recently told Digital Spy that the series could make an "infinite" amount of stories. "I don't think you ever run out of stories," he teased.