After a thrilling hype buildup, the 42nd Summer Inter-High is finally on! The latest episode of "Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation," featured the start of the Inter-High. As per the usual, the race began with a parade with the new Team Sohoku leading as the previous champions. The three-day race will decide the strongest cyclists in the nation and their first stop will be the Sprinter's Checkpoint.

Winter ride with Manami

Ever since our spectacled cyclist met Hakogaku's Manami, the two of them instantly became good friends. However, Onoda and Manami's blooming friendship almost ended when Onoda won their exciting duel in the previous Inter-High.

Thanks to Toudou Jinpachi's words of wisdom, Manami overcame his grief and managed to accept his defeat. Toudou told Manami that he should cherish Onoda as a rival as their competition will push both of them to get stronger. Toudou even assisted them to have an excellent friendly rival relationship as shown in a flashback in Episode 18.

Toudou invited Onoda in a cycling party which turned out to be a race to determine the one to inherit his title "God of the Mountain." Sadly, the race didn't go well, and no winner was declared. As Onoda and Manami raced to the peak, the snow on the road got deeper, and the two of them ended up walking. However, we saw through Toudou that the race was just an excuse and his real goal is to help the duo develop a bond like what he had with Makishima.

Race to sprinter's checkpoint

After the first 5 kilometers, the parade was over, and the sprinters from each team jumped ahead to claim the prestigious green number tags. Hakogaku sent the undefeated Doubashi to claim the first checkpoint for their team while Sohoku sent Aoyagi and Kaburagi to compete. The funny thing is that Kaburagi still thinks that he is an all-rounder and Aoyagi ended up dragging him to compete.

Naruko, on the other hand, is itching to take take the checkpoint but Imaizumi held him back and thanked him for switching as an all-rounder.

Aoyagi used his Tadokoro-inspired Human Bullet Train technique to overtake the other sprinters that jumped ahead earlier. Surprisingly, Kaburagi kept up with Aoyagi even with riding at 100 percent which strengthened the senior's belief that Kaburagi is a natural sprinter.

However, Kaburagi still believes that sprinting is not for him and being an all-rounder is position meant for him. After passing a few more riders; Aoyagi and Kaburagi are now face-to-face with the Road Monster, Doubashi.