Everyone's favorite One Directioner Harry Styles released the music video for his first solo single, "Sign of the Times" today. The video has already had almost two million views on Youtube, and it's likely just going to keep soaring from there.

The video is stripped-down and filled with stunning visuals. It's also a bit of a departure from the sometimes campy productions that his former band produced, which could be just the point he's trying to make — differentiating his solo career from his boy band roots.

Styles also seems to be following his lyrics, "Just stop your crying, having the time of your life," as he's seen walking on water and flying and through the picturesque Scottish countryside, looking great, as always.

Could this be a nod to his post-boyband feelings?

Styles in style

Besides the beautiful melody and great song, the fashion in the video was a standout. Styles was seemingly dressed and styled much like his Another Man photoshoot from September 2016. Wearing cream, cable knit sweater, navy, army-inspired coat (perhaps a nod to his role in movie "Dunkirk"?), and some of the coolest boots we've seen in a while, Styles looked perfectly put together. And then there was his signature (shorter) hairdo, which also made an appearance in the video, perfectly coiffed and windswept. But what did we expect? Of course, his hair looks amazing.

Who's next?

Harry Styles is now the second (former) member of British boy band One Direction who has gone out on their own to create music and start a solo career.

Of course, there was Zayn Malik who broke away from the band first and has so far released an album and some well-received hits like "Pillow Talk" and "I don't wanna live forever". Niall Horan soon followed with his song "This Town."

Liam Payne's also got a record deal, and while he's been teasing news about a single being released soon, we've yet to hear anything he's put out.

As of last year, there were rumors swirling around about Louis Tomlinson joining forces with Simon Cowell to put together a girl group. Perhaps they're hoping that lightning will strike twice?

While it's really great to see all of the members of One Direction doing really well as they've gone their separate ways, the big question of everybody's mind is whether or not the guys will ever reunite, and if so, how soon before we can all buy tickets to that reunion tour?