One of the rising musical superstars, Louis Tomlinson, was just arrested. And just like Justin Bieber's history of scuffles, the altercation occurred in a very public place.

Known for soaring to fame as a member of the boy band One Direction(sometimes referred to as 1D), Louis was arrested after a brawl in Los Angeles, California, which involved the paparazzi, according to the Daily Mail.

One Direction crooner 'upset.'

Louis Tomlinson had arrived at Los Angeles International Airport with his gal pal, Eleanor Calder. But one particular member of the paparazzi bothered the One Direction singer, and that resulted in a bust-up brawl.

Airport security had to step in to break up the brawl.

Prior to the airport bust-up with photographers, Louis asked that one member of the paparazzi stop taking photos. The polite request quickly escalated, however, and the 1D superstar's fight ended with the sight of him led off sporting handcuffs. Tomlinson, 25, was "upset" after the brouhaha.

Did paparazzi provoke 1D singer to snap?

The One Direction singer's team provided confirmation of the scuffle. Louis Tomlinson did not provoke the photographer, according to his team, who contended that it was the paparazzi who provoked and caused the battle.

"Louis was really upset. After being filmed he told the snapper to stop, but he didn’t take kindly to the request," said an insider quoted by the Daily Mail.

"The row turned into a scuffle causing airport security to pull them apart."

Moreover, the source said that during the altercation with the photographer, the One Direction singer's girlfriend was being attacked. Louis rushed to defend his gal pal.

Airport security steps in

According to the Sun, Louis Tomlinson and the photographer were not able to resolve the scuffle themselves.

As a result, airport security had to step in and separate them. The One Direction singer and the paparazzi member subsequently offered up statements against one another.

Louis Tomlinson was arrested “for simple battery and booked at a nearby LAPD jail,” according to the Sun, which also cited a source who revealed that after the One Direction crooner was filmed, he, "told the snapper to stop, but he didn’t take kindly to the request."

Lawyer releases statement

The 1D singer had flown in from Las Vegas, where he had partied with his girlfriend.

Louis Tomlinson's lawyer Martin Singer released a statement about what had occurred.

"The paparazzi provoked and caused the altercation that took place with Louis at the airport this morning," said Singer. "While the altercation was going on with the paparazzi, three other individuals were attacking his girlfriend during this incident, and he came to her defense, causing airport security to intervene."