Harry Styles finally dropped his much-awaited new music, “Sign of the Times,” and as expected, fans go berserk. In fact, the song is now topping the billboards and even surpassing Ed Sheeran’s number one hit, “Shape of You.”

As soon as the track of the former One Direction member has been released, it quickly became available on Spotify. But, users encountered some glitches that they didn’t like.

Spotify error

When the song became available on Spotify on April 7, users were welcomed with a prompt message “Song Unavailable.” Of course, fans didn’t like what they saw as one even said that she felt like she was “personally victimized.”

As they tried to play the music, they were receiving an error notice to start listening to Styles’ other songs on the application’s radio instead.

However, on Saturday, “Sign of the Times” was back on the playlist, but users were having a hard time finding it. The track can’t be seen on the artist page and one has to boldly search for it to be found although deleting the app and downloading it again will help to fix the bug to easily see and play the song.

Building a name of their own

Moreover, even though “Sign of the Times” has been welcomed with a glitch, it is now dominating the pop charts that threaten Sheeran’s number one spot. According to Forbes, the release of Styles’ new song just proved that successful boy bands can go beyond their teen success having solo and serious career of their own.

He just defied all the critics and cynics that doubt One Direction members’ ability to stand on their own going solo.

After Zayn Malik, who left the band and got the top U.K. Official Singles Chart for his song “Pillowtalk,” Styles could be the next to have a chart-topping single.

Styles vs Sheeran

In Britain alone, Styles already shifted 30,000 copies in different formats just this week. It now leads the chart against Sheeran by two to one.

Although there is still a chance that things might change in today’s Official Chart Update and Friday’s Official Singles Chart, there is a strong possibility that “Shape of You” may lose its number one spot and might be dropped to be number four behind his own “Galway Girl.”

In the U.S., “Sign of the Times” is already part of the Billboard’s Top 30 Pop Songs airplay chart.

The song, too, is now on the top Twitter trends. To recall, Styles along with his One Direction band have been topping the charts with their number one songs.

Sadly, the group went on a hiatus in 2016. Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson also now have their solo album, while Liam Payne will soon release his. Malik is now celebrating his solo career as he has been part of “Fifty Shades Darker” soundtrack with his “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” recorded with Taylor Swift.