Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are among the dream pairs in the "High School Musical" sequel. They had made lots of fans believe on true love when they were able to bring their on-screen team up into real life relationship. Now that "High School Musical 4" is currently in talks, most of their fans wanted them together on screen. However, as per a report from Celebeat, it looks as if Hudgens is avoiding her ex-partner. Is Austin Butler's girlfriend afraid of having her feelings back to her ex?

Disney announces 'High School Musical 4' to happen soon

Right now, most fans still hope to see all its original casts as "High School Musical 4" is about to happen soon. However, Hudgens would disappoint most of her fans' expectations as she revealed that she is no longer ready to portray her old character; especially if she'll be doing it again with Efron.

Hudgens recently told the E! News with these words; "I mean, I am 28. I could be a teacher, but I refuse to be a teacher." This means to say that her chance of reprising her role in the movie sequel is getting slimmer. Further, the actress still gives advice to other casts to just have fun while doing the film.

On the other hand, she also added that her decision of not joining the upcoming movie has nothing to do with ex-boyfriend Efron.

She also pointed out that she no longer has contacts with her ex and did not even keep their friendship.

Movie director reveals 'High School Musical 4' casts information

Despite the absence of Hudgens and Efron on the fourth sequel, movie director Kenny Ortega will try his best to replace the two with great talents. He clearly believes that Disney will be able to find the best talents that would suit to the characters of this previous pair.

Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez are among the lead roles to be filled; and Ortega revealed that whatever the production will pick, they are ready for it.

Meanwhile, the movie director just advises them to be ready with such experience and to portray a fearless determination in doing something great. Further, it was a year ago when Disney already confirmed this upcoming sequel and apparently, they are now starting with their plans with the casting that calls for new auditions for the East High Wild Cast.

For the meantime, Disney has yet to announce on when "High School Musical 4" will be aired. But it will be expected that new Wildcasts will join the film which will be composed of soccer stars like Erin and bad boy Derek.