"High School Musical 4" is one of the highly-awaited projects from Disney and the fans are dying to know if Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron will joining the cast one more time. The reel to real love team played the roles of Gabriella and Troy in the first "HSM" in 2006 and have taken the world by storm with their sweet, puppy love chemistry. The fans were more than delighted when they announced their real relationship but unfortunately, they parted ways and broke up a couple of years after. Hudgens and Efron have since gotten into new relationships but their fans are still hoping for a reunion, even if it's only on the big or small screen.

Talks about Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron joining the cast of "High School Musical 4" have been circulating on the internet which has been making the fans excited for the possible reunion of the ex-lovers. However, it has been noted that neither party has confirmed their participation in the fourth installment of the world-renowned musical.

Vanessa Hudgens doesn't want to play the role of a teacher

Considering that it has already been 10 years since the original "HSM" has gone on air, it's quite realistic to expect Gabriella and Troy to play adult roles instead of the young, teeny-bopper ones. That said, if Vanessa Hudgens decides to join "High School Musical 4," she is expected to play the role of a grown-up Gabriella, who reportedly ends up as a teacher in the same school that she went to.

According to reports, that possibility has reached Vanessa Hudgens and the 28-year old actress has reportedly laughed at the possibility of being a teacher. The "Powerless" actress reportedly said that she is still a teenager at heart thereby refusing to play the role of a mature role in "HSM 4."

Young Gabriella Montez forever

According to sources close to Hudgens, the "Spring Breakers" actress has expressed that she wants to be remembered as the young and bubbly Gabriella Montez from "HSM" and not as a grown-up teacher in the fourth installment.

Further, the ex-Disney actress is also busy with new projects and a current TV series, making it difficult for her to squeeze in filming for "High School Musical 4."

As for a reunion with ex-boyfriend, Zac Efron, fans will have to wait for an announcement if Hudgens will agree to have a cameo appearance in "HSM 4." Meanwhile, check out some of the best scenes of Gabriella and Troy and relive the "HSM" fever all over again!