"Prison Break" 5.5 was riveting. The deception and betrayal of the Original Series is back and in full force. As questions were answered on Tuesday night's episode, additional situations came into play that needs answering. Lincoln finally got the opportunity to ask his brother, how he ended up in prison in Yemen. The story that Michael tells is one of intrigue. And it lets the viewers know, that nothing is as it seems.

Michael Scofield begins to explain all the twists and turns

Kudo's to Fox, for bringing the fans what they have been craving. Michael explains that the drama began two weeks after he and Sarah married.

He received a call from Poseidon, who informed Michael that Kellerman did not have the proper level of authority to exonerate anyone years prior, in the original series.

Poseidon said that unless Michael did exactly as he was told, he along with Sarah, Lincoln, C-Note, Sucre all could be put back in prison for life. This is when the plan was put into motion, for Michael to fake his own death. He gave up his family, in order to save them. He took on several alias names to cover his tracks. So now Linc realizes that no one is who they say they are, especially not his brother.

Sarah is learning that deception abounds

Last week T Bag showed Sarah a photo of her husband, Jacob. He was talking with the man and woman who were tracking her and who shot him.

Season 5 began heating up when Sarah accuses Jacob of betrayal, but he insists that he was looking out for her. He says he had Sarah's cell phone checked, so he could locate the hired killers, who had hacked it. He later calls her to the police station where she identifies them in a lineup.

It's not very logical that a man would be standing on a street corner chatting with the assassins who tried to kill him.

It makes even less sense that these killers would be so easily found and put in a police lineup. If Sarah suspects her husband of deception and that she is being set up, she did not let it be known. She is either playing things close to the vest or in "Prison Break" 5.5.

Will there be another break out of prison?

Michael and his group of men are running of time.

The airplane with C Note has to take off without them. They are stuck in Yemen with the enemy following close behind. It looks like they may get caught, and if so will be incarcerated once more. They will no doubt have to plan yet another prison break. With only four episodes left in season 5, it is going to be interesting to see where everything is headed.