Janet Jackson has been away from the spotlight for quite a while for personal reasons, one being busy with her motherhood. Now, the singer took to Twitter to give her fans some updates.

Jackson has gained some weight since having her baby, but she was happy to share that her son, Eissa Al Mana, now 3 months old, is so healthy, sweet, loving and such a happy baby.

Jackson has separated from husband

News about the divorce between Janet and her Husband, Wissam Al Mana, have been swirling over the past days. And as the musician says she wants to get real with her fans, she briefly touched on the issue on her Twitter video.

She confirms that she and the Qatari businessman have separated and that they are in court.

Jackson did not explain the details of what went wrong in their marriage, but reports said there had been a conflict between her family and her husband, according to ET. But despite the split, Janet and Wissam, who married in 2012, remain amicable to each other. Wissam also penned an

Wissam also penned an emotional letter to his wife, expressing his love: "To the most beautiful person in the world, thank you for your divine love, your eternal support and for being my best friend. I love you so much, inshallah we will be together in the Great Forever x." The short message was posted on his website.

Janet is doing good on her own and has shared a photo of her son for the first time on her social media accounts.

It was taken after their nap time, as the caption says.

'Unbreakable' tour finally happening

Jackson then went on to the real purpose of her Twitter video message, which is to announce that she is finally returning on stage.

As she has promised, her "Unbreakable" tour will now materialize. The singer, though, decided to change the name of the concert to "State of the World."

It may sound political, given what's been happening in the society today, but Janet was quick to clarify it wasn't about politics. She said it's about the people, the world, relationship, and love.

She also expressed her excitement to return on stage and perform for her fans. She thanked her fans for the continuing support and for their patience.

The has been delayed twice when Jackson underwent a surgery in 2015. And then it was also pushed back last year as Janet focused on her family and pregnancy, per CNN.

"State of the World" concert is slated to begin on Sept. 7 in Lafayette, Louisiana. Tickets for the concert tour will be available beginning May 5.