The veteran actor Tom Cruise has made fans excited as he confirms that "Top Gun 2" is really coming on the big screen. His confirmation was made on Wednesday, during his interview with "Sunrise" show that was aired on Australian TV. The actor added that the filming might probably begin on the next, next year.

Movie script in works

One of the presenters from the Australian TV show asked Cruise whether or not the most awaited sequel is coming. Finally, Cruise confirms that the news is true and "Top Gun 2" is happening. Cruise together with other actors like Jerry Bruckheimer and co-star Val Kilmer have been sharing a lot of details of the movie even before this official confirmation.

Also, David Ellison of Skydance has revealed that the movie script has been in works since 2015. Further, Ellison also teased that "Top Gun 2" will have a potential plotline. The upcoming sequel is set to feature the kind of world we live in today. Drone technology and advanced generation of fighters are among the things that the movie will explore. Ellison added that the sequel would feature most of the culture that people are living in the present time.

Next sequel is set to gross more millions

While making tours for his upcoming movie, "The Mummy," Cruise entice the fans as he announced the "Top Gun 2" reboot. This has been a 1986 film that was produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. As per record, the first movie has earned more than $350 million worldwide according to Box Office Mojo.

For domestic records, "Top Gun" made it to more than $170 billion in gross sales.

Hence, it is safe to say that the upcoming "Top Gun 2" is also expected to gain millions of sales. Apparently, it has been a long while since another sequel of the movie came out. With this news, everyone will be left excited until it arrives on the big screen soon.

To recall, it was in January when the movie producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, teased fans with a photo of him and Cruise on Twitter.

Fans became more excited when he added a note saying, "casually dropping that two had just been discussing "a little Top Gun 2."

As of now, there have been no official words yet as to who will direct the next sequel. Tony Scott, who directed the first film, died in 2012. In addition to Cruise, Val "Iceman" Kilmer, also confirms that he will be returning for the next movie sequel.

Moreover, this upcoming movie reboot will resurface new audiences of both the old and new generations.

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