The 2003 most popular romantic-comedy film, "Red Nose Day Actually,” is returning on TV this Thursday, May 25. The short film which is originally based on “Love Actually” is set to air on NBC. This short film is about one-tenth long of the original; yet, the film sequel is a means of celebration for a specific cause. This highly-anticipated short film is airing in U.S. as part of NBC's Red Nose Day Special fundraiser which starts at 10:00 p.m ET.

Original cast to reunite

As part of the director's drive to raise money for disadvantaged children, Richard Curtis, the writer-director, is set to assemble and bring back all of the original cast together.

To recall, Curtis is also one of the founders of Comic Relief which is a charitable institution that has organized the Red Nose Day in order to raise more than $1 billion in donations.

This 12-minute sequel is a sort of campaign which was launched the UK on March 24 during the Red Nose Day celebration. Further, the U.S. is also set to have their unique version of the campaign as it premieres this May 25. Aside from watching it on NBC, the short film can also be watched online if you log on through your provider credentials.

Meanwhile, one of the most exciting comebacks is the appearance of Hugh Grant on the show. He will portray one of the funniest roles as the UK Prime Minister. Further, he will also reprise his dancing skills, and this time his dancing will be more interesting as he grooves with "Hotline Bling." Further, Liam Neeson and Thomas Brodie-Sangster are also returning for the film.

With the original story of "Love Actually," Neeson has managed to make it a reference to the recent lives of the cast members.

Short-film for a cause

One of the reasons behind the short-film sequel of "Red Nose Day Actually" is for the production to raise funds and donations for the less fortunate children. Apparently, this has been one of the missions of Curtis who is a co-founder of Comic Relief.

Two months ago, the short film was first launched in UK, England. It was also at the time that England was reeling from the terrorist attack at Westminster Palace.

Tonight, as Hugh Grant reprises his dancing skills in the film sequel you should see improvements in his grooving skills. The audience can choose to donate online and be part of this charity for a cause.

The United States aims to raise a fund in order to reach out to the children in all struggling communities.

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