Tom Cruise has confirmed, "Top Gun 2" will begin filming in 2018. The actor revealed this detail while he sat as a guest on the morning talk show "Sunrise" in Australia, where he was promoting his latest film, "The Mummy."

Tom Cruise announced the news and said it's the first time he's confirming details about the sequel's filming to the press. "You asked me and so I'm telling you, it is going to happen," the "Mission Impossible" star said.

Enthusiasm for the sequel

News about "Top Gun 2" have been in circulation for some time.

Tom Cruise, director Tony Scott, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have been in discussions about the sequel for as far back as 2010. Development for "Top Gun 2" was marred by some delays, however, when Scott died by suicide in 2012. He long wanted to helm the sequel.

In 2013, Bruckheimer told Entertainment Weekly that despite what happened Paramount studio was still interested in doing the follow-up movie. He also said Cruise was still very enthusiastic about the planned project but the actor was doing several films at that time.

Then in 2016, Jerry Bruckheimer posted on Twitter that he Tom Cruise met again to "discuss a little 'Top Gun 2.'" The one thing that they had to figure out was how shooting schedules would fit both their busy calendars.

Recalling Maverick

Tom Cruise played the reckless Navy pilot Maverick Mitchell in the movie. The last time moviegoers saw his character, he was off to become a flight instructor and perhaps marry his girlfriend Charlie, played by Kelly McGillis.

Thirty or so years later, it's curious how Tom Cruise, Jerry Bruckheimer and screenwriter Justin Marks will put the story of "Top Gun 2" together. The actor said he still wants to do realistic flying stunts in the new film and not rely on CGI technology.

Aside from Cruise, Val Kilmer also signified his intent to do the sequel.

He played Iceman, Maverick's nemesis in the original movie. A new director, however, will have to be picked but Paramount have yet to announce its pre-production plans, including the finalizing of the script and hiring of other actors.

"Top Gun" had mixed reviews from the critics in the year it was released but it was a massive box office success and became one of the '80s iconic movies. The movie had a filming budget of $30 million and raked in $450 million worldwide.

The film also bagged the Best Original Song award at the Oscar's. Watch the original theme song below.