Fans of "The White Princess" and "The White Queen" may feel like there are a few things missing. This is especially the case if you haven't read the books first. There is only so much the TV producers can do to bring the books to life. Like with any book adaptation, some important descriptive elements are missing. Before you watch any of the current historical book adaptations currently on TV, you need to read the books. That is especially the case for these three books.

'The Last Kingdom' by Bernard Cornwall

The good thing about "The Last Kingdom" is Alexander Dreymon plays the role of Uhtred beautifully.

It's easy to know what the character is thinking without him saying anything. However, there are certain elements of the story missing in the excellently adapted TV series. Bernard Cornwalls Saxon series is eight novels long (and finished, unlike a later series on this list) and goes through the battle between the Saxons and the Danes, with Uhtred stuck in the middle.

Cornwall has certainly done his history. Thanks to King Alfred's superb record keeping, Cornwall has managed to stick to the majority of the facts in his novel series. If you're a history fan who likes fiction to stick to the truth, this is a must-read series.

'Game of Thrones' by George R.R. Martin

This series is better known as "A Song of Ice and Fire," but the TV show name is based on the name of the first bool.

While there are plenty of well adapted scenes in the TV series, there are a lot of points missed out. There are also a lot of characters missing--and some added.

You will want to get through the series of books, preferably before watching the series. If you're already looking forward to season 7, there's no time like the present to start reading.

George R.R. Martin hasn't finished his series yet, but there are plenty of side stories to read too to add more to the world of Westeros.

The 'Outlander' series by Diana Gabaldon

Fans of the Starz show may not actually realize right away that this series is based on a set of novels. Diana Gabaldon penned the "Outlander" series, telling the story of Claire Randell.

Claire is a World War II nurse, who is transported back to 1743. After meeting her husband's great-grandfather multiple times removed, she finds out the family line is dark and ruthless and marries Scottish nobleman James Fraser to protect herself.

It's a world of mystery and intrigue, using two historical points throughout the one novel series. There are many twists and turns throughout the book series that just don't quite make it to the Starz adaptation.