jessica chastain frankly expressed her concern about the depiction of women in films during a press conference at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Speaking to the media, the American actress and film producer, who is a member of the jury, stated the portrayal of women in most movies she saw at the annual event was worrying.

'It was quite disturbing to me'

Chastain said films should have "authentic female characters" if they intend to include women in the story. As part of the jury, the "Interstellar" actress was able to watch 20 movies since the festival started on May 17 until it ended on Sunday.

Although she loves movies, the female producer admitted she was taken aback by how these Cannes films presented women from the female characters.

The 40-year-old actress then realized that these movies are actually a representation of how the world sees women. Chastain, however, added that this realization was "disturbing" for her. Although there were a few exceptions, the female personality confessed most of the movies she saw failed to picture out the dynamism of women.

Chastain is hopeful that film producers when including female storytellers, would present "proactive" women, those who "have their own agencies," and those who just don't follow the orders from men.

She added these are the women she recognizes in her "day-to-day life."

Celebrities praised Chastain for speaking out

Chastain's remarks at the Cannes press conference caught the attention of her co-actors and commoners who share the same sentiment as the actress.

Most of them commended the "Miss Sloane" star for stepping up to address the issue on behalf of all women.

"Saturday Night Live" cast member Aidy Bryant tweeted Chastain's video and called her a "badass," while "Will & Grace" actress Debra Messing thanked her co-actress for using her voice "powerfully and effectively" for the world to hear.

Aside from Chastain, her co-jurors, Agnès Jaoui and Maren Ade, revealed only "a few movies" passed the Bechdel test. The said evaluation examines whether or not a film features at least two female characters who talk about something other than men.

Ade, on the other hand, said she is delighted to see female directors at this year's Cannes Film Festival. More than that, the "Toni Erdmann" director is happy that a woman nabbed the Best Director award. The German film director added the notion that this job is only for men should be eradicated.