The "Young & the Restless" Victor Newman is no stranger to devious clandestine plots against adversaries and family members alike. Since Victor's first appearance on the soap in 1980, there has almost always been a plot against someone. The Black Knight, as he is called, in both the Genoa City universe and in soap land, has used his billions of dollars and unlimited resources to manipulate people and situations for years. The greatest difference between Victor's past manipulations and the present is that his closest family members have shut him out of their lives and essentially banished Victor from the Newman Ranch.

Chelsea and Nick Investigate

Chelsea finds her fake passport provided for her last summer by Victor to facilitate her escape with Adam and Connor. The light bulb went off when Chelsea read her alias on the passport and realized Victor probably did the same for Chloe. Chelsea asked old friend Jordan, former passport forger and now Jabot photographer, to help her find the source of the phony passport. Upon his return, Jordan revealed to Chelsea she will not like what he found out. When and if Chelsea discovers the truth, how will it affect her new relationship with Nick, as well as her relationship with the other Newman family members? Will Chelsea send Victor back to prison to avenge Adam, or will she keep quiet for the sake of family harmony?

What is in store for Abby?

Victor recently left town when Nikki, Nick and Victoria discovered Victor's role in framing Adam for murder. Abby Newman was appointed interim CEO of Newman Enterprises in Victor's absence. Abby, always looking for approval, decided to follow through on her plan to purchase a warehouse for internet startup businesses which Victor recently vetoed.

Abby's mother Ashley Abbott warned her specifically what could happen to her if Victor found out about the acquisition. Victor recently hired journalist Scott Granger to shadow Abby at Newman Enterprises. Ashley and Abby realize that Scott is not qualified for corporate work and are speculating on what is the true purpose of his employment.

Meanwhile, Abby is really nervous about getting caught and facing daddy's wrath.

Will the mustache get away with yet another devious plot, or will karma finally rear its ugly head? History has shown that Victor is indiscriminately vindictive towards anyone that doesn't do what he says, when he says to do it, and how he wants it done. Time will tell if Chelsea, Abby and the Newman family hold Victor accountable for his actions.